Alpha Letter is a company operating in the LED lighting industry by providing state of the art products that are destined to make a difference. We provide our customers with channel letters that can be customized from start to finish. Our goal is to make sure that we can impress our customers by providing a finalized product that performs beyond expectations.


Located in Florida, our company ships nationwide to any job installation or customer location. Our customers are companies in the channel letter industry that want to provide a specialized product with high-quality standards.



We believe that incredible products can only be achieved by people who think outside the box



To make a difference in the Channel Letter industry through innovation

Why Us?


Our team is fully dedicated to making sure customers have a quality product backed by an outstanding experience. Customer service is embedded in each one us. The only guarantee we can provide is our commitment to go above and beyond every single time.


Reinvent, redesign, simplify, innovate. Technology advances every day, and we move with it. If you can imagine it we can create it. We are innovators in our industry, in our company, and in our processes. We are here to stay.


We have a purpose. Many companies can provide a product or a service, our differentiator is to add value to everything we do. Our value proposition consists of three pillars; solve problems, create opportunity, be unique, and always think outside the box.